There are over 120 performance management software solutions on the market today. Where do you start?

We'll help you set the foundations for change, engage with vendors and shape your strategy. 

Key learnings in this free eBook:

  • Where do I start? Get comfortable with the market and evaluate the different solutions out there.
  • Identify what you need as an organisation and find the right partner to deliver it. 
  • Point solutions vs. modules: The good, the bad and the ugly.
  • How to engage with vendors: questions, advice and considerations. 
About the authors
  • Stuart Hearn

    “I’m a performance management specialist with 20 years’ HR experience, both as an HR Director and consultant. I’ve spent the last 10 years working with organisations to improve their performance management processes through smart technology.” Founder & CEO at Clear Review

  • Daniel Anticich

    “I’ve been buying, selling, and working with technology solutions for 15 years, mostly in the talent management space. I’m passionate about ‘user-first thinking’ and matching the needs of organisations with the right software.” Head of Sales and Marketing at Clear Review.

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