A 5 step high productivity model to boost performance and engagement

In this eBook we look at the 5 step high productivity model which looks at the key elements you need for a productive workforce.

With an economic downturn looming over us, many organizations are beginning to focus their efforts on improving productivity. Empowering your people is important if you want a productive workforce. In this eBook, we go through the productivity model—which includes the core elements of performance management—and talk through how it can boost productivity and engagement.

We also go through 4 considerations that you need to look at to make a change in your organization:

  • Process
  • Manager ability
  • Technology
  • Data

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About the authors
  • Stuart Hearn

    Stuart Hearn is the CEO and founder of Clear Review. He is a performance management specialist with 20 years experience in human resources, both as an HR Director and HR/OD Consultant at companies including Boots, BP, United Biscuits and Sony where he was International HR Director.

  • Amira Kohler

    Amira Kohler is the Head of Performance and Change expertise at Clear Review. She has delivered her strategic approach to performance management and change management within a wide range of organizations such as KPMG, BAE Systems, Barclays, British Rail, Her Majesty’s Prison Service, and British Airways.

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