Learn how you can enable your managers to embrace performance management

For HR, buying into performance management principle is simple—they get it. Where strategies to embrace performance management fails is when managers fail to adopt new ways of working. Managers have a huge effect on employee performance, development and engagement. One Gallup poll found that 75% of employees left voluntarily because of their manager—not the role. Helping managers to practice good performance management will improve engagement and productivity. 

Watch this webinar in which Amira Kohler, Performance and Change Management expert, Larry Hillwig, Chief Administrative Officer at South West Autism Research and Resources Centre, and Ruta Sudmantaite, Head of Marketing at Clear Review, dive into how to managers can embrace performance management. 

What to expect?

  • Why is performance management more critical than ever?
  • What are the three fundamental principles of excellent performance management?
  • Practical, low-risk steps to take today to enable your managers to embrace performance management.

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