Learn how to tackle the 6 big issues around objective setting in your organization

Objectives are essential for great performance management. With the current climate of remote working, clear priorities and deliverables are more important than ever. But many organizations struggle with getting employees to set meaningful objectives that contribute to the business strategy. 

We will take you through the 6 challenges around setting objective for your organization. We’ll clear up OKRs, agile, team, collaborative, SMART, developmental and individual objectives once and for all.

Watch our webinar where Amira Kohler, Head of Performance and Change Management at Clear Review, Max Stannard, HR Analyst at Metaswitch and Stuart Hearn, CEO at Clear Review,  will show you how to set objectives that make an impact. We will also be joined by one of our customers who will share how they revolutionised goal setting in their organisation.

What to expect?

  • How to keep objectives relevant and agile

  • How to ensure objectives are aligned to strategic goals

  • How to foster greater collaboration through team goals

  • A case-study from Metaswitch which has transformed the way they set objectives using OKRs

  • How to get your organisation on board, and your responsibility as an HR leader


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