Wellbeing. The word that is on everyone's lips right now.

Whether your organisation has just started their journey into supporting wellbeing actively or you consider yourselves pro's there are resources here to suit all.

This wellbeing pack includes:

  1. Manager guide to why wellbeing should be on their agenda
  2. Self-reflection tool employees can use to be more conscious of their wellbeing
  3. Manager to Employee Wellbeing Check-in Prompts
  4. Wellbeing Session Powerpoint Template - you or your managers can use to lead wellbeing sessions.
About the authors
  • Natasha Wallace

    Founder and chief coach of Conscious Works. As a former HR Director, Natasha left her job having reached burn out. It led her to recognise that we are struggling to take care of our wellbeing and performance in the workplace. She now works with her team to 'inspire a well world of work', coaching leaders and working with organisations to build wellbeing cultures.

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